IWC of Amman, Activities , October 2021

IWC of Amman

President: Mrs.Fairouz Badawan

Wednesday 20th October 2021

Madaba, Mount Nebo, the Mosaic College and the Church of the Virgin Marry.

The bus started its trip to Madaba, the president welcomed the club’s members  and their friends, and our colleagues from the IWC of Philadelphia. The bus journey was interesting, as a committee member prepared a small quiz related to the  trip which was appreciated by the ladies.

Upon reaching Mount Nebo, Father Ammar Shaheen gave us a historical overview of Mount Nebo and its religious significance as a site for Christian pilgrimage. And the recent update of the site, which lasted more than eight years, made it one of the most important sites that receive the largest number of tourists.

We visited the church, which was newly built to embrace and protect the amazing mosaic floors.

We visited the monument of Moses’ rod and the wonderful view of the Dead Sea, the West Bank and Jerusalem.  We proceeded to the College of Mosaics, where students learn this ancient and difficult art.  Close to the college there are the ruins of Church of Virgin Mary which contains wonderful mosaic floors too.

After that, we had  lunch in the most famous restaurant in Madaba, which is”Haret Jadduna”. It was a wonderful autumn day in our beautiful country.

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