IWC of Amman , Activities, November 2021

IWC of Amman
President : Fayrouz Badwan
November 23rd,2021, Orthodox Club
Brain is a muscle, if you don’t use it you may loose it
This is how Mrs. Ruba Haddad, Guest Speaker at IWC of Amman from the Brain & Beyond group, began her interesting lecture.
Brain & Beyond is a group concerned with training mental skills for all age groups in order to increase focus and  ability of the mind to work more than one skill at a time and to reduce the risks of forgetfulness, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease etc….
The morning meeting was pleasant, with most of PPs of IWC of  Amman  and club members and their friends.
District 95  Vice Chairman  Mrs. Hala Nassora, and District 95  Editor Mrs. Maha Shaheen attended our gathering.
Mrs. Ruba also involved the attendees with some nice games of level difficulty that stimulate the mind and its capabilities.
P. Fayrouz Badwan presented a certificate of thanks and appreciation to the club’s Guest Speaker Mrs. Ruba Haddad.

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