IWC of Amman , Activities, 2022

IW Club of Amman celebrated Mother’s Day on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at King Hussein Club.
IW district 95 Vice Chairman Mrs. Hala Nasoura and Mrs. Maha Shahin, district 95 editor attended the gathering.
Mrs. Fairouz Badwan gave Mrs. Noha Asfour the honoured active member pin , which is a tribute from the club to one of its members who provided great services to its club.
Giving is one of the highest qualities in a human being, and giving can be in many ways, by donating money, or emotion by human interaction with those who have suffered, and practically by speeding up assistance in any way possible.
Mrs. Noha Asfour, since she joined the club, has been a generous financially and practically whenever needed. She works tirelessly for the benefit of the club, and does not hesitate for a moment to help if asked or not.
Her love and support for the club was not limited to her presence in an administrative body or the position of president and advisor or delegate for the club, but as an ordinary member of the general body she regularly attends all the club’s events and activities, she always invites many friends in support of the club.
She has undertaken several projects, including the establishment of the club’s website, support for the King Hussein Cancer Center, support for the Jordanian Hashemite Fund, and sustainable projects such as the green roof project in Gaza camp and a barbershop in Mabarat Umm Al Hussein Foundation, assisting needy students in education, and support for the Green Wheels initiative.
Mrs. Noha Asfour thanked President Fayrouz and the committee members for this honorary pin, which motivates her to expand charitable work, which is a permanent curriculum in her life.
President Fayrouz, also pinned the new member, Mrs. Wafaa Qawas who joined the the Club.
The ceremony included an activity (quiz) which the ladies enjoyed.
The atmosphere was beautiful, filled with an abundance of love, as we gathered for joy after a long absence and to the melodies of beautiful
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