IWC Of Al Alexandria Sporting Projects, Projects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Alexandria Sporting Providing a 50-inch TV for the House of Angels association for disabled & offering a Sewing Project for a women in Al Amriya

On 15 , August, 2021

The members of Inner Wheel club of Alexandria Sporting, headed by Mrs. Reem El Milady; holding a celebration for the House of Angels association for Special needs & Orphans, presenting a 50-inch TV for 9,000 pounds, offering sweets, cake, and gifts, bringing a music teacher to play and bring joy and pleasure to their pure hearts.

Also, the club fulfilled the request of Mrs. Umm Nour in the Al-Amiriya area, by offering her a life project, to be able to work, which is a sewing project for women in the area, so that she can earn her living with her efforts, without asking for help from others, and this was her request.

Strong women Stronger world