IWC of Alexandria Sporting , Project, November 2021

IWC of Alexadria Sporting
President: Mrs. Reem El Milady
November 10th,2021
 Members of  IWC of Alexandria Sporting, Headed by Mrs. Reem El Milady, went to Ahl Misr Foundation.
A joint cooperation protocol was concluded to help the New Burns Hospital conduct development, as well as an awareness seminars on burns.
The beginning of this  cooperation was the purchase of a bed for intensive care with an amount of L.E.140,000.00
That was in the presence of the President of Ahl Misr Foundation, Dr. Heba El Seweidy whom she  extended  thanks and appreciation .
This cooperation protocol was held in the presence of :
P.P/ Sahar El Kersh
P.P/ Reem Khalaf
P.P/ Hala Ghitany
Colleague Howaida Abdo
Colleague Nadrine Saleh
We wish safety and speedy recovery for all burn patients.

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