IWC of Alexandria Mediterranean visiting the Fairhaven School of the disabled

3/3/2021 – Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria Mediterranean headed by Dr. Mervat Ramses and a group of members visited the Fairhaven School of the disabled and we were received by the School administration, the doctors, supervisors, trainers, and those on charge of the handicapped in the school. Dr. Mervat Ramses donate 5000 EGP from the club.

We have looked for the different activities that the school offers to its students, from children up to the age of 50 years with special abilities and what has been made from carpentry, sewing, drawing and preparation of detergents …. etc. we also looked at the latest computer that can be controlled by relying on the movement of the eye. We had fun with the students. The school administration provided a letter of thanks and appreciation for the club donation.

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