IWC of Alexandria East, Projects, 2021

IWC of Alexandria East 
President: Mrs. Nadia Mohy el Den
December 13th,2021
 Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria East , headed by Mrs. Nadia Mohy El Den, visited the Japanese University to follow up the workshop that was held for 24 women from the new villages of Burg Al Arab entitled “Recycling and Utilizing Household Waste” with the aim of reducing the amount of waste and its negative impact on the environment.
It is one of the sustainable projects of the club.
We had a tour in  all university departments by the Dean of the College, Dr. Mona Gamal El-Den and the President of the University,
Dr. Ahmed El-Gohary.
Rewards were also distributed to the women to encourage them as well as donating 24 blankets to protect them from the cold weather  in winter.

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