IWC of Alexandria , Activity, 2021

IWC of Alexandria
President: Mrs.Amal El Ghitany 
December 26th,2021
Following our IIW theme “Pink First” and the state’s efforts to promote women’s economic status through teaching and training in order to allow women to create small projects which can assure them raise an income and achieve economic independence.
Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria, in association with the Social Affairs Directorate and the African Center for Women’s Health shared in implementing three different sessions to different groups of women in which they were taught various crafts and also given courses in management and sales of projects under specialists and academic teachers, the club also donated the materials needed to achieve the projects.
 IWC of Alexandria headed by Dr Amal El Ghitany and distinguished member visited the center and attended the presentation of the great work achieved by the young women.
Many thanks to all who shared in the success of this special project which aim to promote women in the society.

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