IWC of Al Tahrir , Project, November 2021

IWC of Al Tahrir
President: Noha Maatouk
November 17th,2021
On November 17th, 2021, IWC of Al Tahrir headed by Noha Maatouk, HS Lamia Fawzy, and a group of the club members visited the “Al Sahwa Charity Foundation, and the following items were distributed:-
1- School supplies for blind children (talking calculators and Braille panels)
2-Shawls and towels were distributed among the elderly women residing in the foundation.
3- Necessary Medicines has been supplied & delivered to treat chronic diseases of elderly women.
4- Supplying sterilization tools to protect against the Corona virus.
5- Plastic items were provided for recycling.
The initiative of IWC of Al Tahrir has been appreciated by the foundation, the elderly , the blind children & their parents.

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