IW club of Amman supports women projects, empowering them, leading them to change their lives

28/2/2021 – Talking about women empowerment,

Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal  our Honorary President, visited (corn corner) seven  sisters who due to tough times and lack of jobs, took an inventive step to make a living out of selling grilled fresh corn, chestnut, and fresh grilled kunafa to sell to passersby their home garden.


This created a big stir as there were opponents with old school thinking that this job is not for women,

On the other hand, many liked the idea and supported the sisters including HRH Princess Basma when she visited them.


The support came either by buying from them or putting their story on social media which made more people know about them, so people went to see them, bought and tried their products, and appreciated them.


“Corn corner”

is an example of women leading the change in a changing world?

Hats off for all women who won’t sit idle and create the change themselves.

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