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Founding President

Mrs. Salma Abd El Hamid


Charter Date: 1986

Honorary Active Members

Club Name

IWC of Ismailia


14 Members

Meeting Time

Sunday at 12:00 p.m. (1st & 4th)

Club Location

Dar Fawzia, Ismailia

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IWC of Ismailia Sustainable Projects

1. “Warm Winter Exhibition ” ongoing project since 1989. All revenue generated from sale of clothes covers the tuition of the academic year of a few less fortunate students.

2. Supporting Tahya Masr Fund (Long Live Egypt)since 2015 targeting homeless children.
3. Raising funds for Ismailia Oncology Hospital for purchasing medical equipment as specified by the hospital administration.
Ongoing project since 2010.
4. Continuous support for orphans students at different schools by celebrating every year the annual Orphan’s Day with them since 2010.
5. Visiting the elderly home founded by the Ministry of Social Solidarity since 2008 and spending a nice time with the elderly people; listening to them and making sure they maintain healthy lives and receive the appropriate health and social care along the way. Also, during the Covid-19 crisis, we supplied the elderly home with supplementary food.
6. Supporting the Ismailia General Hospital since 2014 by donating funds and medical supplies as well as equipment.
7. Supporting Fawzia Badran Society for the blind since 2012 by raising funds to help with their running expenses.
8. Green Project ongoing since 2010: Planting trees in different schools to preserve the environment and teach the children to keep their city green.

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