InnerWheel club of Amman district 95 visit to Inner Wheel Club of Suadiye District 242 In Istanbul

members paid a visit to their twin sisters at InnerWheel club of Suadiye district 242 inIstanbul to promote international understanding and friendship .We were welcomed by their district chairman Mrs Meltem Gökman 242 and the president Mrs Inci Yilmaz.
Both clubs had their twinning in 2009 by Mrs. Abeer Dajani from Amman club and Mrs. Esra Kepkep from Suadiye club.
The two clubs talked about future ventures together under our presidential logo “Together we can”
Also, a Rotary twinning was held at the same time between our husbands from the Rotary Club of Amman and Rotary club of Suadiye. A full program was arranged in Istanbul and all had a wonderful time together with full programs in harmony and bonding strongly together.
The logo “Together we can “ can make dreams come true.
Abeer Dajani
Webmaster ,District 95

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