Inner Wheel Philharmonic in 2018-2019

Close it up

Thanks to God, Inner Wheel insisted that Philadelphia should be the end of a beautiful year in Cyprus at a ceremony and the finest match of our club with Inner wheel Paphos. Within the activities of the Inner Wheel Philharmonic in 2018-2019, a delegation of the club’s members headed by Ms. Alia Alyan, President of the club, took part in the announcement of twinning with the club Eneruel Pafos, chaired by Ms. Eliana Sava.

This step achieves the principles of the Inner Wheel, which promotes the development and consolidation of relations between clubs internationally.

It is well known that Jordan and Cyprus are stable and secure countries with similar values ​​and culture.

Finally, we wish the club more progress and prosperity in his career. Mr. Mona Sweis, member of the International Board and seventeen members of Philadelphia, accompanied by colleague Nahla Sweis and colleague Meroubi Badr from Amman Club participated in the important event. Thank you very much to our dear colleagues in Cyprus for their warm hospitality and great honor. .

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