Inner Wheel Clubs of Jordan Celebrates Inner Wheel International Day

The three Inner Wheel clubs of Jordan: Amman, Philadelphia and Petra celebrated today at Marriott Hotel Amman with Inner Wheel International Day.

The ceremony was opened by Mrs. Suzanne Al-Tayeh, Vice President of the district, where she conveyed to the Jordanian clubs the wishes of the National Delegate of IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordon Mrs. Laila Al-Aswad, President of the IWCS 95 District Egypt & Jordon Mrs. Dina Ghorab and Board of Directors with a new year filled with love and friendship and serving the disadvantaged groups in our communities.

Mrs. Mona Soweis, member of International Inner Wheel Council, gave a speech in which she spoke about her work experience with International Inner Wheel and explained to the attendees the duties and responsibilities of this position.

At the end of the ceramony, they cutted the cake on the melodies of Inner Wheel song

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