Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek Visit the New Egyptian Museum

On 22 January 2018, Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek headed with Mrs. Maali El Gemeay visited the new Egyptian Museum in the presence of National Delegate, Mrs. Lalia Al-Aswad, and former regional presidents Mrs. Samia Abul-Fotouh, Mrs. Nelly Helmy and members of the board of directors Mrs. Salwa Zaki, Mrs. Sanaa Abd, Mrs Hoda Malsh, Mrs. Madiha Mohi Eddin, Mrs. Hasna Reyad and Mrs. Bahia El-Maadawy. The museum has been built and monuments has been restored by Egyptian hands and we were impressed by what we have seen and it is a great tribute to what has been pride for us and will be officially opened in 2020 and after that the members had launch Andrea Restaurant where they spent a wonderful time in a wonderful atmosphere. Always Going Forward Our beloved Egypt

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