Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek Organizes a Seminar for the Saudi Writer, Poet and Novelist Noor Abdel Mageed

Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Maali El-Gemaee and in partnership with Inner Wheel Club of Nile headed by Mrs. Amina Nassar, organized a seminar for the Saudi writer, poet and novelist Noor Abdel Mageed on Tuesday 26/2/2019 on Le Pasha Boat in the presence of a large number of members of Inner Wheel of Club Zamalek, including Mrs. Nelly Helmi, Mrs. Salwa Zaki, Mrs. Sanaa Eid, Mrs. Rrora Mohi Eddin, Mrs. Bahia El-Maadawy, Mrs. Hoda Refaat, Mrs. Marian, Nadia Ezzeldin, Zizi El Saadi, Nevine Daddoush, Mrs. Enayat, Mrs. Gihan Beshir and Inner Wheel Club of Nile including Mrs. Magda Fahmy, Mrs. Magda Mokhtar, Mrs. Bella and Sahar El Nady, Mrs. Lamiaa El- Monofy, and Mrs. Nabila Galal.

The writer’s talk was interesting, where she spoke about many topics, including her journey with writing and what novels she wrote, she also spoke about her last published novels “Ana Shahera… Ana Al- kha’en”, “La Scala”, “Ragm El- Foraa'” and “Oreedo Ragolan.” she also talked about the situations she went through and the novels that was turned into series and her role in writing the scenario. The audience interacted with the writer and they asked her multiple questions. At the end of the seminar, she signed her novels for the audience and took a picture with them.

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