Inner Wheel Club of Tahrir and Rotary Club Annual Clothing Exhibition For Cairo University Students

Under the patronage of the President of Cairo University, Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Khasht, Prof. Dr. Noha Noah, Vice-President and Mr. Yaser Nashat, Work Coordinator of the assistants of the Governor the Rotary District 2451 opened the annual clothing exhibition for Cairo University students hosted by Rotary Club of Tahrir headed by Nesreen Refat and Inner Wheel Club of Tahrir Mrs. Nahla Teba in the presence of founders, presidents and former presidents of Rotary Club and Inner Wheel Club of Tahrir.

This annual exhibition is held annually by Rotary Club of Tahrir 20 years ago to benefit Cairo University students. This exhibition is organized annually by Mrs. Gehan Halawa in participation with the two clubs’ members.

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