Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia At “Move to Connect” Symposium in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia
Our Colleagues from The Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia, Mrs. Muna Sweiss (Past International Inner Wheel Board Director) and Mrs Hala Akkad (Past District 95 Chairman and national representative) attended a Symposium in Rotterdam, Netherlands entitled “Move to Connect” which is the first European Rally of 2019.
Times are changing! In the process of changing and adapting, Inner Wheel Rotterdam had to share their experience and knowledge with one another. This required a cohesive collaboration between all European members and friends. The goal of the symposium was to create a valuable Inner wheel network. Inner Wheel members worked under the title “Move to Connect” to keep in line with the theme and merge the old with the new to create and connect new friendships under mutual understanding. After the symposium, an elegant dinner with festive celebrations took place along with impeccable arrangements; where International Inner Wheel President Mrs Phyllis Charter gave a short speech. The event included a beautiful dinner cruise and a city tour followed by a farewell formal elegant dinner on the following day at the famous Rotterdam cathedral, where around 400 participants were attending the event.
Mrs. Phyllis Charter handed over the flag of Inner Wheel “Together we Can” to Muna Sweiss & Hala Akkad, where the latter in exchange handed over the flag of Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia to Mrs Charter.
It has been announced about the upcoming European Rally to be held in Berlin during the period 13-15 September 2022.
Abeer Dajani
Webmaster ,District 95

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