IWC of Amman ,Activities, August 2021


IWC of Amman

President : Fairouz Badwan 

On Tuesday 26 th August 2021,

At Solaya Restaurant garden



IWC President Fairouz Badwan welcomed  VC of D95 Egypt & Jordan, Mrs. Hala Nasoura,  Mrs. Maha Shahin – District  Editor, Mrs. Nazi Kopti – PIWC of Philadelphia , and Mrs. Leen Muasher – PIWC of  Petra .

In her welcome speech, Mrs. Badwan talked briefly about celebrating the 50-year Anniversary for our club, hoping we can make this year special with a various  activities that help more needed people..

She also thanked  PP  Mrs. Jida Farraj and all the PPs and committees for laying the vision that became our path to success.

Mrs Badwan  wished the ladies a lovely lunch and hoped to meet soon for a new activity.

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