Inner Wheel Club of Al Geizah Organizes Annual Fundraising Event for Children’s Heart Surgeries at Abu Rish Hospital

On Saturday, 2 March at the Grand Nile Towers Hotel, Inner Wheel Club of Al Geizah held its annual Fundraising Event for children’s heart surgeries at Abu Rish Hospital.

The ceremony was supervised by Mrs. Dina Gharab, chairman of IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordan, Mrs. Laila El Asad National Delegate, Mrs. Zeinab Taki Deputy Chairman, Mrs. Azza Al-Mufti Honorary Secretary, Mrs. Mona Al-Gamiee, International Organizer, Mrs. Nana Tarshobi Bulletin Reporter, and Mrs. Nenet Sharara who’s responsible for the development of the clubs.

The ceremony was wonderful and full of love, fun, and enjoyment, which confirmed the friendship of the members and their support for the club project.

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