Inner Wheel Amman Philadelphia Club

Inner Wheel Amman Philadelphia Club

Year 2018 -2019.

Established in 1987.

Number of members: 65

Board of Directors:

President: Alia Alyan

Vice President: Hala Sayegh

Former President: Najwa Haddad

Honorary Secretary: Zina Mashhour

Treasurer: Duha Abdel Hadi

Organization: Hala Nasoura

Correspondent: Zain Shawwa.

The most important projects:

  1. In order to implement the slogan “Empower and Develop”, the main project was chosen. It is supported by the Women’s Program Center in Suf camp, which serves a large group of the local community and works to raise women’s cultural, social and economic efficiency the cost to12000 Jordanian Dinar.


  1. Donating the winter clothes, shoes, stockings for students of the mixed primary orphaned school in the province of Madaba cost 2000 dinars


  1. On the occasion of the Arab Orphan Day, a special entertainment program was held for the orphaned children followed by a luncheon. The distribution of sweets and various gifts brought joy and joy to the children’s hearts.


  1. With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan was distributed “Charitable Packages” worth 500 dinars for the homes of children’s villages SOS Branch of Irbid city, and was also purchased “Eid clothes” for all students of the village resident of dresses, pants, blouses, shoes and socks “worth 500 dinars won the admiration of children.

The most important programs:

  1. Keeping with the slogan of the year, a valuable lecture was given by Dr. Laila Al-Nams and Ms. Ibtisam Al Ayoubi followed by important recommendations with title of “women in decision-making positions.”


  1. A big celebration with other clubs on the inner wheel world day


  1. Presentation of the Palestinian film “Wageb” photographed in the occupied city of Nazareth


  1. A great Ramadan Breakfast ceremony was held and included members, guests and their families.


  1. Signing of the twinning agreement of the Philadelphia Club Area 95 with the Paphos Club Area 96 at a grand ceremony in Paphos.

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