Inner Wheel Alexandria Club April 2019

In the scope of the work visits, the head of the Inner Wheel 95 District Egypt and Jordan, Mrs. Dina Ghorab, visited Alexandria and Damanhour on Saturday 13 April to Sunday, 14 April 2019.

Our honor to have:

National Delegate Ms. Laila Al Aswad and Mr. Zeinab Taqi Allah, Vice President. Mr. / Azza Alfti Honorary Secretary and Mr. / Kamelah Tawfiq / Secretary of the Fund and Mr. / Mona International Organization and Mr. / Eman Tarshobi Editor of the publication

The meeting was attended by Mr. Samieh Hattah, the former regional head, and Mr. / Anaya Sharara, responsible for the development of the two member clubs of the regional council, and the presidents of Alexandria, Damanhour, and members of the clubs.

The reception was full of love and joy. We went to the meeting hall at the Palestine Hotel. The meeting started with the national peace, followed by a welcome speech from the region’s president, Dina Ghorab, and then the head of the club Inner Wheel Alexandria gave a welcoming speech on the Alexandria and Damanhour clubs.

And how the word of the heart contains the names of meanings and then threw the national delegate Ms. / Lili Aslam, started with the love of the pioneers of the Inner Wheel clubs in Alexandria, headed by ladies / Hadi Deeb and Sherif Zain and Sasa Hano and Samih Hatah and Nabilh urban and Ninet Sharara and me

Arif and Mona Sheta welcomed the presence of colleagues and spoke about the forthcoming International Conference in India in 2021 and the deadline for participation and spoke about the Board of Directors of Inner Wheels International 2019/2020.

And congratulated the Council of the region 95 Egypt and the new Jordan for the year 2019/2020 headed by Mrs. / Susan Kilani of Jordan.

She also spoke about the proposal presented last year to Her Royal Highness by His Excellency Mr. Sameh Hattah, the former President of the region, which aims at helping the growth of clubs by creating a new generation of young members who are the future and the new thinking. The region’s president, Mrs. Dina Ghorab, thanked the women of Inner Wheel, Their clear fingerprints thanked Alexandria and Damanhour and expressed their pride and happiness in the many projects and activities that serve society in all fields.

The leaders of the clubs reviewed the various and varied projects of their clubs and then the regional president talked about the laws and the constitution of the Inner Wheel and answered the questions of the colleagues in her usual beautiful spirit, and it was a meeting with its fruits of knowledge, friendship and love with taking the souvenir pictures.

On Sunday morning, April 14, 2019, the head of the hospital, accompanied by the national delegate and the delegation accompanying him, visited the hospital. The audience was impressed by the attendance of this charity. Dr. Assem Rustam, Director of the hospital, gave a speech describing the history of the hospital and the services provided to the patients. The head of the region praised the organization and sections of the hospital and the donations and support of the Scandinavian clubs to the future hands hospital and encouraged them to continue in order to do the principles of Inner Wheel, a help of those who are less fortunate.

Thank you to the Alexandria Club for the success of this visit, which we are always looking forward to every year, and special thanks to the two ladies for his greetings and attention to the members of the Council of the region for his warm reception and for all the efforts you have done and for all of you who have participated in the clubs and members of the clubs in Alexandria and every year.

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