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I am truly honored to be an Inner Wheel member for 33 years now. IW gives me opportunities to spread kindness and make a difference in the lives of others. I have been transformed by IW to become a Servant Leader who serves out of love. My most exciting IW experience was my service in IIW as Board Director and Vice-President. I have witnessed the international character of IW, the diverse culture of members, clubs, districts, and national governing bodies. As we head to our centennial year, I will work to promote IIW as a sustainable Global Organization, experiencing robust growth, responsive and relevant to the universal needs of women of all ages, resilient and adaptable to the new normal. I envision IIW to expand its reach to Young Girls aged 12-17 through the formation of IW Youth Clubs in high school and college levels. IIW will continue its service projects that will improve the lives of women and girls to advance our campaign for Strong Women Stronger World IIW will actively promote its service projects on Social Media as a way to connect with all its members around the world and to attract the New Generation to become our members I envision a uniform Management System for IIW that will institutionalize the best practices of clubs and districts around the world. I will promote the IIW brand of leadership and culture to help produce competent, visionary, and agile leaders who can lead with understanding and compassion.
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As a successful hotelier for over 30 years, I would describe myself as a people person with a caring attitude. My 34 years membership of Inner Wheel have taught me how important these qualities are. I lead from the front yet firmly believe in teamwork in Inner Wheel as in business. Inner Wheel has given me many positive experiences, especially through my involvement in International Service – my absolute passion. I was delighted to be invited to join the Committee organising the new IIW Covid 19 Charity. If I had the honour of serving as your Vice President, I would use all this experience for the advancement of Inner Wheel. The unprecedented worldwide pandemic with its many restrictions has only served to underline how important our ideals of personal service are. Working together in friendship and with International Understanding we have, through the dedication, kindness and generosity of members proved that Together We Can. Indeed, our first virtual International Inner Wheel Convention demonstrated our commitment to Lead the Change, encouraging us to embrace the three-year social project for the empowerment of women and girls everywhere, Strong Women, Stronger World. In 1924, 27 forward thinking, determined, dedicated ladies wishing to serve, were inspired to found our great organisation. With that same determination, dedication and ambition I will be inspired to pick up the baton and move resolutely towards an inviting new century of Inner Wheel.
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I became an Inner Wheel Member 36 years ago and since then I have never stopped serving our great Organization with dedication and harmony as a team member at Club, District, National and International levels. I am very proud to have been elected as International Inner Wheel Vice President. The experience I gained holding several offices will be the necessary background to take on this important role. I will have the privilege to work with Non Districted Clubs and keep in contact with IW Representatives at the UN in the fields of Human Rights, Rights of the Child, Condition of Woman, Family, Elderly, Drugs. In 2024 Inner Wheel will celebrate its Centenary and each Member belonging to the 104 countries in which our Organization is present, should commit to make it further grow and let people all over the world know the service IW Members provide on local, national and international levels through effective communication on IIW Website and Social Media. Team work is essential to strengthen our Organization and ensuring its future also inviting younger women to join and retaining existing membership. We must all contribute to better the world now contaminated by pandemic, wars, killing and abuse of human beings, especially women and children, poverty, disrespect for fundamental human rights and Nature to reach peace, solidarity, well-being, healthier and cleaner environment. I will do my utmost to make Inner Wheel increasingly appreciated and to encourage young women to join/found IW Clubs.
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Sarita Lunani Treasurer (India)
I am adept in comprehensive financial planning and implementation, revenue acceleration and adopting sustainable cost control measures. I also have a flair for networking and communication. It is indeed a great learning experience serving as Treasurer of International Inner Wheel. I gained a lot of knowledge working closely with the IIW EC and Board Directors as a team. Interacting with National Representatives, Treasurers, Non-Districted Clubs, and members worldwide has given me exposure to deal with various situations and improve my management skills. I am thoroughly enjoying my work. My sincere thanks to each one of you for reposing confidence in me and entrusting me the finances of our organization. A passionate, goal-oriented leader, I have been successfully using my potential and skills to further the cause of Inner Wheel over the past 25 years. I strongly believe that I have the necessary expertise, experience, and exposure to serve as IIW Treasurer again in 2022-2023. My Vision: To make Inner Wheel more vital and vibrant: Ensure meticulous financial management, adhere to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, transparency and closely monitor foreign exchange rates. Follow the latest techniques and tools in accounting; online banking transactions to simplify the procedure in maintaining accounts. Encourage Membership Growth - ‘Each One to Get One’, to generate more income and help to promote Inner Wheel. Optimize the use of money on hand for showcasing Public Image because it is the lifeline to attract new members, for any organization. I pledge to: Involve...Inspire...Illuminate...Inner Wheel!!
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Sissel H Michelsen (Norway) CONSTITUTION CHAIRMAN
What does it take to apply for the position as International Inner Wheel’s Constitution Chairman? Firstly – Knowledge and Experience: As an active member since 1987 I’ve been present at nearly all District Meetings, attended all IIW Conventions from Florence 2003 to Jaipur 2021, been active in debates and presentations there, and helped translating into Norwegian the Convention proposals several times as a Constitution Committee Member. It helps having a university degree in English. I’ve been engaged at 13 European Meetings, also as an organiser and speaker - to renew and strengthen IW. Secondly – Engagement and Enthusiasm: I’m a team player – and a CC must be just that. If re-elected. I’ll continue to perform my duty with transparency and respect – valuing Members’ involvement, give advice and feedback to Members working on submitting proposals for Convention – as well as to Members struggling to understand our existing Constitution. Thus if I don’t understand a possible proposal right away, I’ll return it to sender to clarify the language and/or content – then in turn it will be easier to understand also for those translating it into other languages. The whole process is time consuming, but necessary for true involvement on all levels. Thirdly – Courage: Constitution work is necessary and indicates change – not for the sake of change only, but for the upkeep and renewal of International Inner Wheel where bridging cultures are among our objectives. Building bridges may be hazardous - but needed – a strong construction makes us even stronger.

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