1. International Conventions
    Shall be held at intervals of not less than 3 years in a place to which the Governing Body reasonably believes Voting Delegates, from any country, would have free access. The International Governing Body shall decide the meeting place for the Convention.
  2. Business of the Convention
    A. The Official Report and audited Statement of Accounts shall be presented by the by the Governing Body.B. The Capitation Fee for International Inner Wheel shall be fixed.
    C.  Alterations in, or additions to, the International Constitution shall be considered and appropriate action taken.
    D.  Alterations in, or additions to, the Standard District Rules and the Standard Club Rules shall be considered and appropriate action taken.
    E.  Matters of Inner Wheel interest shall be discussed.
    – Each country sending Voting Delegates to the Convention shall be responsible for its own financial arrangements for those delegates.
    – Each Club, each District Committee and each National Governing Body is entitled to send 1 Voting Delegate and to appoint a deputy in the event of a vacancy. Each International Inner Wheel Officer, each Board Director, each National Representative and each Past President of International Inner Wheel is to be a Voting Delegate. All of the above if not represented, may designate as proxy, provided they will be elected Voting Delegates at the Convention, a National Representative, a Past National Representative,

A past Board Director, a District Committee Voting Delegate or the International Official Proxy Vote holder. The International Official Proxy Vote holder must follow strictly the directives given, but other proxies may be given discretion on how to vote. Any voting delegate, other than the International Official Proxy Vote Holder, must not hold more than 70 proxy votes. Any Inner Wheel member may attend as an observer, but the business must be conducted only by the Voting Delegates.

  1. Voting:Each proposal or amendment submitted to change the Constitution must be carried by a majority of 2/3rds of those voting in person or by proxy. All other motions shall be decided by a simple majority.
  1. Translation:Each country or District sending delegates to a Convention may ask for simultaneous translation of the Convention proceedings in its own language, or a language of its choice. In such a case that country or District shall be responsible for the financial expenses incurred.