Inner Wheel in District 95

District 95 Egypt & Jordan History How it all started

Inner Wheel in District 95 is synonymous with Zizi Zaki who was inspired to form the first Inner Wheel Club in Egypt in the early seventies.
During the visit of Mrs. Nancy Sharp, the International Inner President to Egypt in 1971 and under Zizi Zaki’s initiative the following Rotarian wives held an organizational meeting at Mimi Niazi Mostafa’s residence to plan the formation of the 1st Inner Wheel Club in Cairo.
The founding members were Zizi Zaki, Laila Abou El Ela, Samira El Alaily, Nadia Maher, Ellen Naguib, Venus Boustany, Samira Mortagy, Aida Korra, Ragia Fateen, among others.
The Inner Wheel Club of Cairo was chartered on November 23rd, 1971. During that time, Zizi Zaki was finishing her graduate degree at the American University in Cairo and the founding members elected Laila Abou El Ela as their 1st President & Zizi Zaki as the Vice President.
The rest of the long Inner Wheel journey of giving on the part of Zizi Zaki and the founders of the Club has become an epitome of devotion and endless hours devoted to the numerous endeavors of Inner Wheel in Egypt and Jordan.
When members from countries without a National Governing Body were eligible to run for the IIW Executive positions, Mrs. Laila Abou El Ela, was nominated for the position IIW Vice President for the year 1980-1981.


Inner Wheel in Jordan is synonymous with Violet Habibi whose commitment to Inner Wheel was exemplary and inspiring as an icon of social voluntary work. Mrs. Lidia Atallah was the Founding President of the first Jordanian Club, the Inner Wheel Club of Amman, chartered in 1971.