Handing Over Ceremony of IWC of Amman

29/6/2021 – After a long absence, it was a lovely gathering for IW Club of Amman ladies to celebrate the end of the IW year 2020-2021 and the handover ceremony, in the presence of Mrs. Nahla Qubain and Mrs. Mayada Toukan from District -95-committee.

The current president Mrs. Jida Farradj , delivered the presidency necklace to Mrs. Fayrouz Badwan, President of the IW club of Amman for the upcoming 2021-2022 year.
The meeting began with a speech from Mrs. Jida Farradj, in which she thanked the members of the Club for their support during the passing year with the difficult  conditions of the Corona pandemic..
The President also thanked every lady On the board committee for their extra effort to make this difficult year a success.
Mrs. Jada Farraj pinned and welcomed the newest member this year, Mrs Taroub Khoury.
During the gathering Past President Mrs. Noha Asfour/2020 honored Mrs. Duha Abdel-Khaleq by presenting her with the club’s shield on the occasion of the launch of the IW Club of Amman website.
Mrs. Noha Asfour also  pinned six members (out of ten) who joined the club last year , but could not arrange pinning ceremony then, and got postponed due to pandemic.
Each lady received a brochure on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the club, and we cut the cake to celebrate this occasion lots of photos

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