Margarette Golding Award May 2002

Her Excellency, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, Egypt’s former First Lady Recognized for “Her dedication to improving the quality of life of children and the empowerment of women in Egypt through outstanding work in education, health-care and social development.”

Margarette Golding Award

May 2002

H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak graduated from American University in Cairo (AUC)

in 1977 with a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and then received a Master’s in Sociology from AUC in 1982. Her thesis on “Social Action Research in Urban Egypt: Case study of primary school upgrading in Bulaq” launched her long history of her iconic social voluntary work on all levels for the advancement of Egyptian society. She was the epitome of selfless giving to realize her vision of sustained and integrated development. In her address to our District meeting she proclaimed that:
The progress of modern Egypt

Will not be realized without the cooperation of

Voluntary social work and governmental agencies.

The Egyptian experience in the area of voluntary service is a model to be followed. Egypt has advanced in great strides in several development areas such as realizing true equality for women and integrated care for children with particular interest in those with special needs. Our efforts in this area have dealt with a variety of different issues of major importance in achieving social equality and providing a proper and decent life to individuals and families. These areas include among others, problems of addiction, care for the elderly and environmental preservation.

All these issues and all the efforts extended would not have achieved fruition without the true, effective and sincere collaboration of those who have chosen voluntary service as their means of expressing their true will and sincere desire in participating in the realization of development in the Egyptian homeland. Inner Wheel clubs through the effective role they have played and continue to play in various voluntary service domains in Egypt are a true example of such endeavors.

There is a need for all societies, developed and developing, to be ready and willing to redress the balance of power in favor of the weak, to work towards the enhancement of social change for fostering the best of each culture, and to strive for better allocation of resources in favor of the poor and the marginalized.

I am truly happy about the role that the Egyptian Inner Wheel clubs have chosen to undertake. I also wish that their positive participation will continue in this integrated effort in which we all collaborate together in order to provide the Egyptian people with all the means for a decent and prosperous life.

Let us move forward together in our march and God will unceasingly reward our efforts with success.

Suzanne Mubarak

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