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Charter Date: 1984

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IWC of Giza Pyramids


17 Members

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Monday at 12:00 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

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Yacht Club, Cairo

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IWC of Giza Pyramids Sustainable Projects

1. Following up with illiteracy obliteration classes in El-Mashabek Youth Center at Al Haram District since 2004 till now by paying the instructor’s monthly salary and offering incentives to students to pursue literacy classes on several occasions.
2. Organizing a yearly second handed clothes exhibition at the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood at Cairo University since 2015 and donating all its revenue to the University Students’ Aid Fund for impoverished students.
3. Offering an ongoing financial support and Integrated Social Care to all the girls at Katr El Nada Girls Orphanage since 2017.
4. Paying tuition fees for students in financial need at Khaled Ibn El Waleed Primary School in Kerdasa, a rural district in Giza since 2018.

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