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IWC of Gezira Sporting


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Tuesday at 2 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

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El Gezira Sporting Club

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IWC of Gezira Sporting Sustainable Projects

The main sustainable project of IWC of GSC since its establishment in 2003 was sponsoring the Educational Administration of the Primary School of “Fatima Al-Zahraa” in Al-Warraq, Giza Governorate. Being keen on sustaining the activity, the GSC Inner Wheel, this year’s activities included:
1. Providing seasonal clothing for orphan students who live below the poverty line, a total of 180 children and including their annual school needs.
2. Organizing recreational trips for the children, including gifts and games.
3. Serving sweets on holidays and Ramadan bags for orphans, teachers, and school personnel.
4. Providing medical and social services for school personnel.
5. Distributing blankets in the winter season to school workers.
6. Providing household furnishings and necessities for the marriage of brides-to-be among the school orphans.
7. Helping in the medical support of the teachers’ families and children through specialists’ referrals and the support of the club members community.

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