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Charter Date: 2004

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IWC of Garden City


30 Members

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Wednesday at 12:00 pm (2nd & 4th)

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Le Pacha Restaurant

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IWC of Garden City Sustainable Projects

1. Dar Rofaqaa El Nabi Since 2006
“Dar Rofaqaa El Nabi” orphanage, in 6th of October city. The club takes care of children from their birth and provides integrated care of all their needs of housing, clothes, and private schools. The Club members are quite are committed to give the best and they maintain great relations with the children during numerous visits throughout the year.

2. Um Hany – Nursing Retirement Home Since 2012
The club is taking care of the elderly residents at the home and provides them with medicine, clothes and electrical appliances. Club members are keen to visit them continuously and take them out for recreational outings.

3. Children’s Cancer Hospital – 57357 Since 2004
The club donates annually to the hospital. The Club established a fully equipped patient room which has a plaque inscribed with the Club title.

4. Artificial limbs Since 2018
The club provides high quality artificial limbs and covers medical treatment expenses of patients in need. The Club donates to “Rehab international medical solutions”, to help their humanitarian cases with large monetary donations allocated periodically.

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