Friendship without borders


Promoting Friendship is one of IIW aims.

My tour of Egypt and Jordan with family had a totally different aspect and a value when I knew that I’m going to meet most of the IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordan members, including the district committee. Thank you very much, my friend Ghada Rahmy, along with Ashnadelle Hilmy Mortagy and Hanaa Elsadat, for inviting me to your very exclusive Ramadan meal on the 14th of April at Cairo Automobile Club. It was an honour for me to be with you all and witness firsthand the great friendship and fellowship among the members of IWCs District 95 Egypt and Jordan, which was extended towards me too. I must thank the District Chairman Hala Hagrass along with the rest of the district dignitaries for extending the hand of friendship to me and to my district. I can treasure the pleasant memories of exchanging flags, gifts, and numerous photos taken with these friendly, fun-loving members. The experience of the traditional Ramadan meal with great company followed by a very enjoyable dancing session made me feel very much at home and left me with sweet memories to last a lifetime. As the ISO of Inner Wheel Club of Colombo and a goodwill ambassador of the District 322 I conveyed the friendly greeting messages sent to me from District Chairman Sharmila Cassim, DISO Nirmala Wijayawardana Raphael and my club president Denise Abeyeratne to the district 95. I hope the bond made between district 322 Srilanka and District 95 Egypt and Jordan will last for years to come.

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