First Meeting for IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordan President 2018/2019 Mrs. Dina Ghorab.

On Monday, October 1st 2018, members of IWCs West Cairo met with IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordan President Mrs. Dina Ghorab and her Honorary board members, Honorary Secretary Mrs. Azza Al-Mufti and vice president Mrs. Zaynab Al-Ghazali with the presence of the club’s Board Directors members, Mrs. Olivia Issa, Mrs. Fayza Farid, Mrs. Riri Qutb, Mrs. Suhair Issawi, Mrs. Fadia Badr El Din and other members of the club.

The Inner Wheel West Cairo Club was founded in 1981, it has 38 members, and it’s most sustainable and continuous projects that has been undertaking over the years are:


– Fostering two children in the Right to Live Association for special needs children.


– Fostering two children in Awlady Orphanage in Maadi.


– Assisting Nida Association for hearing impaired.


– Assisting Dialysis unit in Pediatrics Hospital – Ain Shams University.


– Help in taking care of children in Dar Al-Hana Orphanage in Mohandessin.


Projects in which the club participated in the past years are:

  1. The national project of the region year 2017-2018 Children without Shelter and Tahya Misr Fund.
  2. Donating to build 500500 Hospital for cancer patients in El-Sheikh Zayed, Giza.
  3. Renovating of the intensive care unit at Abassya Chest Diseases Hospital.
  4. Purchasing devices in the new Pediatrics Hospital in Ain Shams University
  5. Purchasing devices at Abu Al-Reish Children’s Hospital.
  6. Purchasing an ambulance for Ambulance Egyptian Authority.
  7. Renovating a number of (2) Sabils in Old Cairo.
  8. Many projects for The Right to Live Association for special needs children such as sewing workshops
  9. Participation in the establishment of housing in the association.
  10. Renovating the school Bemba Kadin Preparatory Boys School in Old Cairo.

And many other projects.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Suha Shams, the club president thanked the president of the region Mrs. Dina Ghorab, presented her with the club’s honorary shield with a bouquet of roses.

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