First business meeting of IWC of Sphinx

After the absence of more than seven months due to COVID-19 and the precautionary measure taken by the government, the Inner Wheel Club of Sphinx headed by Mrs. Inas Megahed and the members of the board directors organized the first business meeting which was hosted by one of the club members Hanan Fakhry. In a lovely atmosphere, full of hospitality and friendships.

– The club’s main goal is to give back to the community and appreciate the members who dedicate their lives to doing good deeds.
-It is a project that connects water running pipes to more than 10 local villages at Fayoum. The members of the club will organize a future trip to Fayoum in November, in order to start the prepping process.
– Proceed in the Abu El Reesh hospital for eye appoints and cornea.
– Donations to the Long Live Egypt
– Donations to the Yasmine El Samra foundation
– Organizing an annual clothing exhibition for students of the Faculty of Music Education and taking our measures with the head of department to possible arrange the event under Corona circumstances.

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