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Founding President

Mrs Marcel Hanna

Charter Date: 1984

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Club Name

IWC of El Minya


IWC of El Minya

Meeting Time

Monday @ 7:00 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

Club Location

Nile Judicial Club, El Minya

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IWC of El Minya Sustainable Projects

1. One of the sustainable projects of IWC of El Minya club is the yearly Back to School Initiative where the club provides students at different public schools with supplementary school supplies and gives support to a few under-privileged students by paying their tuition fees. This is an ongoing project since 2010.
2. Wheelchairs for Special Needs children and adults who are physically disabled has been another ongoing project undertaken by club members since 2010.
3. Al Amal Schools for the Blind and the Deaf and Dumb have been supported by Club members since 1986 as well as the Institution for Homeless Children.
Members visit the schools and donate needed supplies as specified by the administration such as blankets, beddings, school supplies, educational supplies including blackboards and whiteboards, playground equipment such as swings. Club members have been dedicated to this initiative since 1986.
4. Orphans’ Day Celebrations is another of the Club’s sustainable projects. Club members plan a yearly fun day for orphans from various orphanages and spend time with them. Gifts are given out to all the children as well as a nice meal. It is always a joyous and happy leisure time in interaction with them. This project has been ongoing since 1986.

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