On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Mrs. Dina Ghorab, Chairman of D95 Egypt and Jordan, visited “Al Ghad Al Moshreq Association “to sponsor special categories of children with intellectual disabilities.
She was accompanied by members of Board of Directors Mrs. Azza Al-Mufti,( Honorary Secretary )and Mrs. Mona El Gemee, (ISO), Mrs Hadeel Shatat, PIWC of Nasr City , Mrs Shahinaz Hafez and Mrs Samia Wahba members of the club.
Mrs. Dina and her companions visited all the activities that the association is proud serving the needed children..
1. The illiteracy classes,
2. capacity development,
3. educational and production workshops,
4. medical department,
5. rehabilitation and employment, and then
6. the division of autism and the internal department.
Mrs. Dina visited the projects that members of IWC of Nasr City donated and participated with over the previous years, which were the preparation of educational workshops and productivity qualifying for the labor market for boys and girls.
The IWC members also gave the children of the society a mobile platform with special vibration and equipped with modern techniques to develop the senses of the child defying and addressing the lack of attention and fluctuations Strong mood, develop concentration and calm emotions.
The IWC members organized guided entertainment trips for children and students with sports courses, amusement park trips and more to share their activities and put a smile of their faces.

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