Egyptologist Dr. Wassim Al-Sisi Seminar

On Sunday, October 28th 2018 at Gezira Sporting Club at 5 pm, members of Inner Wheel Club of Sharm El-Sheikh, headed by Mrs. Nelly Ghaita, organized a cultural seminar for Dr. Wassim Al-Sisi, Egyptologist, in the presence of Mrs. Dina Ghorab President of IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordan, International Organizer Mrs. Mona Jamie, Eng. Amr Jazarin, Chairman of the Board Directors of Gezira Sporting Club and with the participation of Inner Wheel Club of Garden City headed by Mrs. Nihad Badawi and Inner Wheel Club of Cairo headed by Mrs. Laila Khaled and the presence of club members and their guests.

Egypt’s lover Dr. Wassim al-Sisi talked about the ancient Egyptian civilization and how ancient Egyptians lived.

He said that Egyptians have many questions about our ancient past. He also stressed that the ancient Egyptians were kings and not pharaohs, as some call them by that name, and he continued: “There are no Pharaohs in history, only kings and the exact number is 561 kings.”

At the end of the seminar, Eng. Amr Jazarin presented the club honoury shield to Dr. Wassim Al Sisi.

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