Egypt Children Choir Concert

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, members of Inner Wheel Club of Giza invited Mrs. Dina Gharab, president of IWCs District 95 Egypt & Jordan, Mrs. Laila Al-Aswad (National Delegate), Mrs. Azza Al-Mufti (Honorary Secretary), Mrs. Kamelah Tawfiq (Treasurer), and Mrs. Mona Al-Ghali (International Organizer), to attend Egypt Children Choir Concert led by Maestro Selim Sahab on Cairo University’s Theater, which the club has been supporting for the last three years.

At that day, the club contributed with 150 meals and some sweets for the choir children. The show was enjoyable as Maestro Salim Sahab led the team brilliantly and introduced some new talents who impressed the audience.

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