Dar Al Wafa for girls

In the presence of Mr. Amima Nassar, Club President, Mr. Majida Shaker, Vice President, Mr. Ghada Rahmi, Secretary of the Club, Mr. Shadia Al Shennawi, Secretary of the Fund and Mr. / Fadi Mashali and Mr. / Mona Khalil and Mr. / Dina Raft and Mr. / Lamia Sobhi and Mr. / Hama Hammad members of the club with the participation of children SOS village and the children of Dar Al Wafa for girls and gave them entertainment paragraphs included D. G and the poverty and magic African poverty and the participation of cartoon characters in the celebration and shared food with them They gave them Candy and gifts which pleased the kids and ended the concert in the fifth evening of happiness flooded the hearts of the children and members of the club, wishing them success and happiness standing

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