D95 Chairman Meeting with the IWCs Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers

Stemming from this year’s logo, “leave a lasting legacy,” our President—Mrs. Samia Hatata, of the Inner Wheel District 95, Egypt and Jordan—led a national initiative in efforts to help Egypt’s homeless children as part of the already established “Tahya Masr” program. The main goal of this initiative is to take care of the country’s neglected homeless children and prepare them mentally, physically and psychologically before entering them into the orphanage system. In tandem, Mrs. Abeer Dajani from Inner Wheel Amman Jordan, suggested a sister program of similar elements and proposed outcomes to be established in Jordan as well.
As for the entertainment aspect of this conference, District 95’s board members accompanied the Jordanian Inner Wheel ladies and members of the Inner Wheel clubs of Egypt in a visit to The Ancient Library of Alexandria. Known for its liberation of researchers and writers, this library posed no restraints on its displayed material – be it political, religious or gender-related. The Ancient Library of Alexandria is now considered to be a cultural monument that is rich in artifacts that celebrate history, art and civilization. While there, we observed multiple aspects of different cultures, including but not limited to the prominent Pharaonic and Greek civilizations.
As a token of her gratitude, President Samia Hatata gifted the library with an ancient version of the Holy Quran that has been passed down from one generation to another in her family.
Rula El Hawi
District Editor


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