Cooperation between IWC of Zamalek and Orman Association to Reconstruct 30 houses in Beni Suef.

Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek has started implementing the first stages of a cooperation agreement with the “Al-Orman” Charitable Association to develop and reconstruct 30 houses in the village of Al-Amani in the Somasta Center in Beni Suef, at a total cost of one million five hundred thousand pounds.


Mrs. Samia Abou El Fotouh, President of the Inner wheel Club of Zamalek, stated: The club chose the village of Al-Amani to permanently adopt its needs, as the club recently participated in alleviating the burden on the poorest families in the village by distributing Ramadan cartons during the holy month, and we follow up on the needs of the village permanently to provide all aspects of support to it.


The development work of Al-Amani Village included roofing trellises, implementing interior and exterior paint and cladding, installing doors and windows, finishing bathrooms, installing ceramics, floors and walls, instillation of internal plumbing and electrical connections, and clean water connections to the homes of the unprivileged, to turn them into suitable and decent place.

The project aims to comprehensively improve the needy villages through the reconstruction of dilapidated houses. The reconstruction includes demolishing, rebuilding, roofing, arbor, cladding, paint and ceramics, in addition to delivering water, electricity and sanitary ware to the incapable of the village and completing the possible infrastructure of Basics in the village.

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