Club activities for 2018-2019

Club Inner Wheel Port Said

Region 95 Egypt and Jordan

Board of Directors 2018-2019:

President: Tina Al-Sayyad

Vice President: Samia Matar

Former President: Randa Ramadan

Honorary Secretary: Maha Mouji

Treasurer: Shaheenaz Khamisi

Organization: Samia Shaker

Correspondence: Heba Al-Mujie


Club activities for 2018-2019:

Under the patronage of Mr. Adel El Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, Mr. Abd El Hameed Al Awa, Governor of the Rotary Region 2451 – Egypt, Mrs. Dina Ghorab, President of Inner Wheel District   95, Egypt and Jordan. In cooperation with Rotary and Port Said Clubs, The convoy included several specialties such as heart, bones, ophthalmology and pediatric surgery. Members of Rotary Clubs and Inner Wheel Port Said distributed gifts to children, as well as supporting the convoy with 10,000 pounds to buy medicines, For the treatment of children, and it is worth mentioning the participation of a group of senior consultants and professors in various disciplines from inside and outside Port Said (Dr. Osama Arafa, Prof. Dr. / Alaa Sobih, Prof. Dr. Khaled Sabri, Dr. Ehab Ghoneim and Dr. Mena Farouk)

The number of beneficiaries of the medical convoy exceeded 60 children with special abilities from the sons of Port Said


– Inner Wheel Port Said Club donated an air conditioning device to the Liver Center in Port Said Hospital in order to prepare the laboratory for the analysis of virus C in the activities of the Presidential initiative to eliminate the virus C

The club’s activities were suspended from January to April and a meeting was held on 17/4/2019 to change the board of directors to assume the chairmanship of Ms. Tina Sayyad and Vice-President Mrs. Samia Matar


– Inner Wheel Port Said ladies visited the Nour Al-Rahman Foundation for special needs and discuss what the Foundation needs of assistance has been donated to the Foundation amount of 20,000 pounds to contribute to the development of the institution to improve the level of education and training for the children of the Foundation

All members of Inner Wheel Port Said Club decided to consider that Nour Al-Rahman Foundation for Special Needs the sustainable club project and will be donated in turn to raise the efficiency of the institution of equipment and all that you need because it is the only institution in Port Said that sponsors these children

– Inner Wheel Port Said Club was attended by Ms. Tina Al Sayyad and Ms. Samia Matar, Vice President and Mrs. Maha Al Moji, Secretary and Mrs. Shehinaz Al Khamesi, Fund Trustee, Eng. Hanan Guaima and Mrs. Labani Al Laythi. Members are making special donations to the Foundation

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