Hala Hagrass

Chairman of Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan 2021/2022

Dear Colleagues,
Let me express my thanks and gratitude for the nomination and giving me the
honour of being the District Chairman of District 95 Egypt and Jordan  for
We are all proud to be members of D95. We will all work to achieve the IW
goals in seeking to eliminate poverty, discrimination, and violence against
women and girls. We will also strive towards empowering and motivating
women, to lead them to sustainable development. We will line up together
under this year’s theme : ‘Pink First’ .
 I would like to thank all the past District Chairmen over the years, for
their achievements that we are all proud of now, as well as the members of
all the District’s clubs that cooperated and worked so hard to achieve Inner
Wheel goals.
I wish you all the best of luck, and please stay safe.