Mona Aref

Chairman of Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan 2020/2021

Greetings from the heart …
Allow me to express my great thanks and profound gratitude for the confidence you have bestowed upon me and your choice to elect me as Chairman of District 95 Egypt & Jordan.

This is a long established organization of which we are all proud to belong to and whose goals are:
1- Promote the bonds of friendship and pure love.
2- Lend a hand to those who are less fortunate than us in life.
3- Enhance the bonds of international understanding and cooperation.

I sincerely hope that during these unprecedented changes and events that have befallen our world we can rally together to serve our societies …with love and humanity under the theme


which is well suited to our unusual times and the new reality of our lives.
Hoping that together, we can achieve its deep objective on both the public and personal levels.

I can’t fail to thank all the Chairmen who preceded me and crowned the years of our Inner Wheel District with their accomplishments and dedication.

And I ask God Almighty to protect our countries and the world from pandemics and calamities and to grant us peace and security.

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