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Cairo West 1980

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Founding President

  • Mrs. Ayat Seyam
Charter Date: 1980

Honorary Active Members

  • Mrs. Zeinab El Ghazali / Taki, 2015
Club Name

IWC of Cairo West


31 Members

Meeting Time

Wednesday at 2 p.m. (1st & 4th)

Club Location

Le Pasha Restaurant

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IWC of Cairo West Sustainable Projects

1. Sponsoring three children in the “Awlady Orphanage” in Maadi since 2010


2. Sponsoring two children and undertaking various projects and workshops in the “Right to Life Foundation” for special needs Community since 2014.


3. Aid and Support for “Nidaa Foundation” for the hearing impaired since 2005.


4. Support for the Children’s Kidney Dialysis Department at Ain Shams University Hospital.


5. Support for the “Dar Al-Hana Orphanage” in Mohandesseen since 2010.

6. Donating to Egypt’s “Tahya Misr Foundation” for sustainable on-going projects that help the Egyptian community on many levels since 2015.


7. Donating to the “Radiology Diagnostic Unit” of the Breast Cancer Department in El-Ainy Hospital since 2018.
IWC Cairo West Projects