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Charter Date: October 23, 1972

Club number: 1697

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IWC of Cairo South


22 Members

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Saturday at 1:00 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

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Fine Touch Restaurant & Holiday Inn

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IWC of Cairo South Sustainable Projects

1. Support of and donations to Al Mabarra Public Hospital in Maadi since 1980.
This Integrated Care Public hospital in the suburb of Maadi where IWC of Cairo South was established is a medical facility offering good medical care to thousands of people in the area and in larger Cairo at reduced and subsidized cost.
IWC Club over the last 40 years has established a systematic cooperation with the administration of the hospital to help provide some of the needs of the facility on a yearly basis. Our Club with the support of all its members who include a few medical doctors has given support to the Mabarra hospital by purchasing requested medical equipment and/or medication and delivering it to the hospital through their medical supplier:
– Three ICU pumps
– Early Cancer Detection equipment
– X-Ray equipment
– A fully equipped ambulance service the suburb of Maadi
– Medication and lab work chemical ingredients
– Renovation of patient pubic wards and supplying fans and beddings
– Establishing a nursery for the children of the hospital staff to facilitate their work.
– Planting trees in the hospital’s garden.

2. Support of and donations to numerous public hospitals as needed since 1995:

– Establishing and funding a fully equipped patient room which now has a plaque inscribed with the name of the Club at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 53753.

– Participating in the purchase of electric and manual ventilators for the treatment of Covid-19 patients at national public hospitals under the auspices of Tahya Misr Foundation.
– Donating funds for the purchase chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients at Shefa Al Orman Hospital in Luxor, Upper Egypt.
– Donating funds to Cairo University Abou El Reesh Specialized Hospital, Japanese Section, for Heart Valves for pediatric Surgery.
– Donating funds to Al Nas Pediatric Hospital for Heart Valves for pediatric Surgery.

3. Support of University Students Clothing initiative since 1980.
Continuous support of the Clothing Initiative at Cairo University and other Universities in Egypt to offer Clothing for free for University students who might have financial difficulties.
This pioneering initiative was established by Club member, Mrs. Amal Namek, over 40 years ago

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