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Cairo North 1979

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Founding President

  • Lily Mohamed Abdel Aziz
Charter Date: 1979

Honorary Active Members

  • Nabila Demerdache, 2017
Club Name

IWC of Cairo North


35 Members

Meeting Time

Wedsnesday @ 2 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

Club Location

Le Pacha Restaurant

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IWC of Cairo North Sustainable Projects

1. Donations to support Rateb Pasha Elementary School in Shubra
IWC of Cairo North over the last few years donated numerous items to Rateb Pasha Elementary School in Shubra as per the needs specified by the school administration. This year the following was donated:


– Several tables and chairs for the students’ classrooms.


– Paying the school fees for 40 students in 3 Schools so that they can attend next academic year.


– Donating several educational games to the Special Needs children attending the school.

IWC Cairo North Projects