IWC Of Alexandria East ProjectsProjects 2022 – 2023

IWC of Alexandria East held a workshop titled “Ecological Footprint”

Continuing the Environmental projects of the IWC of Alexandria East for this year to raise the awareness of children about the climate change topics and the ecological footprint, Prof. Mona Gamal El-Din Ibrahim – President of  the Club, held a workshop titled “Ecological Footprint” to aware the children, in a simple way, how to calculate the carbon footprint which is the person’s contribution in CO2 emissions that affects the environment.
The workshop was held on Sunday 29-1-2023 and included various activities for children about the ways to reduce the carbon footprint through controlling the consumption of energy, water, and food.
More than 50 children participated in the workshop. They were divided into 7 working groups. The participating children calculated an individual’s carbon footprint through their daily activities. They also offered recommendations and activities that they will work on, as well as transferring these experiences to their families and friends and disseminating them in the surrounding community.  The children expressed their great happiness to participate in the workshop and also for the information they acquired.

IWC of Alexandria MediterraneanIWC Of Alexandria Mediterranean ProjectsProjects 2022 – 2023

IWC of Alexandria Mediterranean signed a cooperation protocol with the Alexandria Drinking Water Company (AWCO)

Under the presidential initiative “Hayat Karima A Decent Life” on January 31st, 2023, Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria Mediterranean signed a cooperation protocol with the Alexandria Drinking Water Company (AWCO)

The protocol was signed by Eng. Ahmed Gaber Chairman and Managing Director of the Drinking Water Company and Dr. Zizi Olama President of the Club.

The protocol entails cooperation between the two parties in the areas of community participation, delivering water to the areas and families most in need in Alexandria Governorate, and raising awareness of the importance of preserving water and avoiding waste. It is worth highlighting that the club has paid the cost of delivering water to 16 families relating to the initiative (Decent life ) in the villages.

The company handed over to the club a certificate of appreciation and gratitude.


Activities 2022 - 2023Inner Wheel Club of Sharm El SheikhIWC Of Sharm El Sheikh ActivitiesIWC Of Zamalek Activities

IWC of Zamalek and IWC of Sharm El Sheikh, held a joint meeting with Hussein Fahmi

In a beautiful cultural atmosphere IWC of Zamalek presided by Hoda Malash and IWC of Sharm El Sheikh presided by Iman Mokhtar and in presence of the Chairman of D95 Mrs. Nora Fayek, held a joint meeting with the star artist Hussein Fahmi president of the Cairo Film festival .

He talked about the Cairo Film festival and the positive and negative issues and how we can improve the cinema in Egypt and the encouragement of the artists younger generation .

There was open discussions lots of questions  about his professional life , some personal issues about his old friends from the artistic community which he answered all in a very interesting and pleasant way

Activities 2022 - 2023IWC Of Zamalek Activities

A Culture Trip of IWC of Zamalek to the Historic City Port Said

“Port Said with a new vision” that is the right title for the trip that the Inner wheel Club of Zamalek members presided by Hoda Malash undertook to the heriotic city as part

of our program Know your country. We started our tour with a visit to the famous navigating library that is based on the waters of the Suez Canal for a few weeks and went through the books available. We then went to the St Eugenie church which was the first wooden church built in Port Said in 1867 on ground donated by the Suez Canal company. Then in 1890 it was rebuilt with the European style beautifully decorated with beautiful paintings that were donated by the Vatican.

At the end of the first day, we enjoyed the Semsemeya folkloric music of Port Said.


The next day was also extremely pleasant we started by enjoying Ferial Garden located downtown Port Said that was recently renovated. It was inaugurated in the year 1869 with the opening of the Suez Canal and was visited by all the kings and Princes that came for the historical event as well as emperors Eugenie who was hosted by Khedive Ismail.

We had an extremely interesting tour around the city enjoying the very old buildings that almost each one had a different story. The city was inhabited by multinationals Italians, French, British, Armenians and many more besides the natives that what made it very particular.

An amazing part was the visit of Port Fouad the other side of the canal the Asian part with the small croisière. There we saw beautiful old wooden buildings from the 1800 s .and the salt heights as they call it. A most beautiful end of trip part.

It was really a very interesting cultural and fun trip as most of us never knew about all the historical places in this city. This is why we called it Port Said with a new vision.

Activities 2022 - 2023IWC Of Alexandria El Nozha Activities

IWC of Alexandria, El-Nozha, held a seminar for the writer and journalist, Mr. Ahmed Salem.

Inner wheel Club of Alexandria, El-Nozha, headed by Mrs. Sarah Saad, held a seminar for the writer and journalist, Mr. Ahmed Salem.Mr. Salem spoke about Alexandria between the past and the present, in which he recounted in his interesting style the history of Alexandria throughout the ages. We were honored by the presence of DNR Mrs. Enaya Sharara,Past DC Mrs. Mona Aref, Mrs. Zizi Olameh, the president of the IWC of Mediterranean and Mrs. Viola Ramsis the founder and  Past President of the IWC of Alexandria Mediterranean

We were also honored by the presence of former presidents of Rotary and Inner Wheel, and the upcoming governor of Rotary, Mr. Ayman Nazih, and members of the Inner wheel El Nozha Club and their distinguished guests

Activities 2022 - 2023IWC of Al Mansoura Activities

IWC of Mansoura, held an interesting educational seminar(Back to Nature and the Health of Egyptian Women)

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Inner wheel club of Mansoura, headed by Mrs. Basma Saleh, held an interesting educational seminar entitled (Back to Nature and the Health of Egyptian Women)

The symposium was presented by Prof. Dr. Amina Al-Nimr Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University and member of the National Council for Women

Dakahlia branch. She provided the audience with valuable information, and the audience interacted with the speech. Prof. Dr. Amina Shalaby, Rapporteur of the National uncil for Women in Dakahlia, and a group of members of the National Council are among the attendees. The Inner wheel Club of Mansoura extends sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Amina El-Nimr

Activities 2022 - 2023IWC Of Nasr City ActivitiesIWC Of New Cairo

A joint Meeting between IWC of Nasr City & IWC of New Cairo To discuss the book “The Secret Society of Citizen” By Ashraf El Ashmawy

As part of the IWC of Nasr City Book Club activities, a joint meeting between the IWC of Nasr City, headed by Mrs. Hend Mortagi, and the IWC of New Cairo , headed by Mrs. Nihal El-Bakry, at the house of Mrs. Maha Al-Samadouni, a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Giza, on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

The book “The Secret Society of Citizens” was discussed in the presence of the author Mr. Ashraf El Ashmawy

The seminar was attended by Ms. Rana Tawfik, Honorary Secretary of the Inner wheel club of  New Cairo , and a number of members of the Inner Wheel Club, of Nasr City, and the Book Club members

It was a wonderful gathering full of friendship .

A big thank you goes to Ms. Maha Al-Samadouni for her kind hospitality.

Activities 2022 - 2023IWC Of Alexandria Activities

The IWC of Alexandria and the RC of Alexandria held a cultural event under the name of Cinema and Art for Peace

On Saturday January 28,2023

The Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria and the Rotary Club of Alexandria held a cultural event under the name of Cinema and Art for Peace in cooperation with the Egyptian Opera House.

Cream of the Crop film directed by Dr Dina Abdel Salam was screened and a seminar was held to discuss the film which won 27 international and national awards.

An exhibition for arts was organized in which ten distinguished female artists participated in under the title Women and Peace. Thanks to the Inner Wheel Nile club for joining the exhibition.

At the end of the event, thanks were extended to the Egyptian Opera House for it’s pioneering role in the Egyptian culture and for it’s support for the Arts and Cinema for Peace initiative.

Inner Wheel Club of PhiladelphiaIWC of Amman PhiladelphiaIWC Of Amman Philadelphia ProjectsProjects 2022 – 2023

‘ Himitna’ the charitable association had the honor of opening the project for rehabilitating and developing.

Under the patronage of his highness Crown Prince Hussein the son of his Majesty king Abdullah the second,‘ Himitna’ the charitable association had the honor of opening the project for rehabilitating and developing the comprehensive princess Basma medical center in Al -Muhajireen area/ Ras al Ein on Thursday 26/1/2023.
The past president of the club of Inner Wheel Amman Philadelphia for the year 2021/2022 Mrs Nazi Faris was invited to the opening of this project where the club donation was for restoring the dental clinic and providing a dental examination device.
This project was one of many projects that were carried out by the administrative committee of last year.
The name of club the was written on the door of the dental clinic and on the list of supporters at the entrance of the center.
His highness Crown Prince and the attendees were impressed by this medical edifice which caters for 22000 persons monthly.
We congratulate Mrs Nazi Kupti Faris and congratulate ourselves, the Innerwheel club of Amman Philadelphia for such an achievement and look forward to more success to our club

IWC Of Amman Petra ProjectsIWC Of Petra ProjectsProjects 2022 – 2023

The Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II inaugurated Princess Basma Health Center in Al Muhajireen area in Ras Al Ain.

On, January 26,2023, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II inaugurated Princess Basma Health Center in Al Muhajireen area in Ras Al Ain.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mrs. Seneen Baghdadi Chehabi, the president of the IWC of Petra, in the year 2021, in which a donation was made to this project, with the entire cost of establishing a children’s clinic at the center, in cooperation with the “Himmetna” association headed by Dr. Fadia Samara.