IWC Of Alexandria Mediterranean ProjectsProjects 2020 – 2021

IWC of Alexandria Mediterranean, Project , October 2021

IWC of Alexandria Mediterranean,

President : Mrs.Mona Abadir,

The Syrian Club,

Saturday October 23rd. 2021,

The club members  held a bazaar for the benefit of the club’s charitable projects, including a donation to Baheya Hospital and Dar Al-Sindobi for the care of blind women.

The Bazaar was very successful, a lot of people attended and has fulfilled its purpose.

IWC Of Gezira Sporting ProjectsProjects 2020 – 2021

IWC of Gezira Sporting Club, Project, October 2021

IWC of Gizera Sporting Club

President : Wafaa Zaki

on October 25th,2021

Under the IIW Theme “Pink First” .

IWC of Gezira Sporting Club headed by  P. Wafaa Zaki met with   Mrs. Azza El Mofty on October 25th,2021 to sort  a large quantity of women, men and children clothes    ( some are new)  to donate  them to the following places:

– Upper Egypt (Luxor & Aswan).

– Deaf- Mute Association.

-Kheir and Baraka Association at El Asmarat district.

-Baheya Hospital.

-Tawasol Society.


Activities 2020 - 2021IWC Of Zamalek Activities

IWC of Zamalek, Activity, October 2021


 IWC of Zamalek,

 President: Mrs. Hoda Malash

Egyptian Media Production City

October 2021

Within the framework of Know your Country program , Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek members visited  the Egyptian Media Production City in  6th of October  with a special invitation extended by The minister Ossama Heikal.

They were welcomed in the main City hall where they watched a documentary film about the stages of development of that great project until it reached what it is now.  After that, they visited the very special studio for old films’ restoration where they watched the stages starting by the washing of the film negatives then restoring the pictures then storing them in a special room under special temperature.

They next moved to MBC studios where the ladies enjoyed watching the directing and making of the talk show program “Al Hekaya of Amr Adeb.”

Finally, they visited  the FM and NPR studios where they were welcomed by the director of the station and who explained how the programs are aired directly on both radio and television at the same time.


Activities 2020 - 2021IWC Of Amman Philadelphia Activities

IWC of Amman Philadelphia ,Activity, October 2021


IWC of  Amman-Philadelphia

President:  Mrs.Nazi Qopti Fares

October 25th 2021,

The Club hosted at the Rotana Hotel, the comedian Nabil Sawalha.

Mr. Nabil gave an interesting lecture on Laughter Yoga, a technique that combines laughter and breathing for the health of the body and soul.

The club members and their guests interacted with Sawalha in practicing some exercises that worked to bring joy and laughter.

Sawalha stressed on  the importance of laughter for the heart and improving the  physical immunity, and that laughter is contagious and easily transmitted from one person to another.


Activities 2020 - 2021IWC Of Amman Activities

IWC of Amman, Activities , October 2021

IWC of Amman

President: Mrs.Fairouz Badawan

Wednesday 20th October 2021

Madaba, Mount Nebo, the Mosaic College and the Church of the Virgin Marry.

The bus started its trip to Madaba, the president welcomed the club’s members  and their friends, and our colleagues from the IWC of Philadelphia. The bus journey was interesting, as a committee member prepared a small quiz related to the  trip which was appreciated by the ladies.

Upon reaching Mount Nebo, Father Ammar Shaheen gave us a historical overview of Mount Nebo and its religious significance as a site for Christian pilgrimage. And the recent update of the site, which lasted more than eight years, made it one of the most important sites that receive the largest number of tourists.

We visited the church, which was newly built to embrace and protect the amazing mosaic floors.

We visited the monument of Moses’ rod and the wonderful view of the Dead Sea, the West Bank and Jerusalem.  We proceeded to the College of Mosaics, where students learn this ancient and difficult art.  Close to the college there are the ruins of Church of Virgin Mary which contains wonderful mosaic floors too.

After that, we had  lunch in the most famous restaurant in Madaba, which is”Haret Jadduna”. It was a wonderful autumn day in our beautiful country.

IWC Of Nasr City ProjectsProjects 2020 – 2021

IWC of Nasr City , Project , October 2021

IWC of Nasr City

President: Mrs. Gihan Michael

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021


With a tender human touch emanating from hearts that feel the suffering of a group of helpless workers , P. Mrs. Gihan Michael with  VP Mrs. Hind Mortagy  and  PP Mrs. Hana Bleik representing all of the club members met the workers of the Beautification and Environmental Hygiene Authority of Nasr City and  donate with  some money to each one of them on the occasion of the Prophet Mohamed celebration  day.   The workers expressed their great happiness and much gratitude for their feeling that there are those who feel their suffering and extend a helping hand to them.

IWC Of Giza ProjectsProjects 2020 – 2021

IWC of Al Giza , Project, October 2021

IWC of El  Giza

President : Enas Al Imam

 October,19th 2021,

Abo EL Reesh Children  Hospital,

The club members  paid the costs   of the heart  operation  to close the Inter Atrial Defect (IAD) for a five years old girl .
The operation was performed by Prof. Dr. Amal El-Sisi, Professor of Pediatrics at Kasr  Al-Aini, Cairo University , Abo Al-Reesh Hospital.

IWC Of Alexandria East ProjectsProjects 2020 – 2021

IWC of Alexandria East, Project , October 2021

IWC of Alexandria East

President: Mrs. Nadia Mohy El Den

Wednesday,  October 13th ,2021


The members of the IWC of Alex East  attended the official opening of the Nile Al-Amal Hospital, (Nile of Hope) for pediatric surgeries and congenital anomalies in Alexandria to be the first medical entity specialized in providing integrated treatment and diagnostic services for children with congenital anomalies to those with incurable diseases with the best efficiency.

The inauguration was attended by :

**Major General Mohamed Al-Sherif “Alexandria Governor”.

**Mr. Ahmed Al-Wakeel, “President of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria.

The contributors to this great edifice are:

  • Commercial International Bank.
  • Arabian African Bank.
  • Inner wheel club of Alexandria East.
  • Businessmen in Alexandria.

The club also made a donation to make a full dental clinic in the hospital.

The hospital is equipped with the best capabilities and advanced technologies to provide integrated health services for children to help them live in a healthy, safe and happy life  FOR FREE.

IWC Of Alexandria El Nozha ProjectsProjects 2020 – 2021

IWC of Alexandria Al Nozha, Project, October 2021


President : Omayma el Gharbi

 October 10th,2021



The Club headed by Mrs. Omayma El Gharbi visited an orphanage for children with special needs to pay late fees and provide lunch for girls and boys.

Activities 2020 - 2021D95 News 2020 - 2021IWC OF ZAMALEKIWC Of Zamalek Activities

CD 95 Egypt and Jordan official visit to IWC of Zamalek

C D95  Mrs.Hala Hagrass official visit  to IWC  of Zamalek 

President : Mrs. Hoda Malash

Tuesday, September 21st,2021.

Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek  held its first  official meeting for the year 2021-22 with  DCs Mrs. Hala Hagras and HS  Mrs. Mona Abou El  Fetouh  and IIW board member  Dr.Laila El Aswad .

PP.  Mrs. Samia Abou El Fetouh thanked  all members for their work and achievement for the year 2020/2021  and  wished P. Mrs.  Hoda best of luck in her new year to start,

A video was shown elaborating all the projects, meetings and gatherings of the past 2 years that were successfully achieved.

Mrs. Hagrass gave a brief speech for all the plans for this year and what is expected from the club  members and reviewed all the club projects wishing them the best of luck.

Mrs Hoda  announced the first two achievements for  this year:

*First, installing a large AC units in the isolation room of the handicapped    girls ‘orphanage home which was badly needed and which is one of the beginning  projects of the club.

*Second, a kidney transplant operation was fully covered by one donor for a child in kidney unit in Abu El  Reesh hospital which is one of the main projects that  was founded and fully funded by the club.