IWC OF ZAMALEKIWC Of Zamalek ProjectsProjects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Zamalek, Projects, 2022

IWC of Zamalek
President: Mrs. Hoda Malach
January 2022
Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek has donated a ventilator for the special cases of accute respiratory disorders to the Chest Diseases Department of Kasr Al Aini hospital Cairo university. The ventilator amounted to L.E. 100,000.00.
May God give us the ability for the help of needed people.
Activities 2021 - 2022IWC OF ZAMALEKIWC Of Zamalek Activities

IWC of Zamalek , Activity, 2022

IWC of Zamalek
President : Mrs. Hoda Malach
January 2022
In an atmosphere of love and friendship, members of lWC of Zamalek met today, headed by Hoda Malach, and the Guest Speaker was Mrs. Mai Shami, who is specialized in facial yoga and how to live without wrinkles.
After lunch, Nihal Fahmy spoke about the slave trade in the world and an overview of her book on this subject.
It was a really interesting and useful lecture.
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IWC of Alexandria East Twinning Protocol with IWC of Ilioupolis Greece, 2022


On January 22nd, 2022 Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria East D95 Egypt and Jordan signed a Twinning Protocol with Inner Wheel Club of Ilioupolis District 247 Greece.
The event was on zoom with the presence of Presidents and members from both clubs.
After hearing both the National Anthem of the two countries ,Mrs. Nadia Mohy El Din PlWC of Alexandria East and Mrs. Penny Alexatou PIWC of Ilioupolis Greece gave a speech of welcome and congratulations .It was our pleasure that Mrs Mona Aref PP of D95 Egypt and Jordan attended also the signing of the protocol.
It was a joyful event demonstrating the true IW spirit of friendship without borders .
We would like to thank our colleague Mrs Amel Shabaan for her efforts with the president of Ilioupolis club Mrs Penny Alexatou to come up with the above mentioned Twinning .
IWC OF ZAMALEKIWC Of Zamalek ProjectsProjects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Zamalek, Projects, 2022

IWC of Zamalek
January 2022
Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek repaired the retinal tomography device at the Ophthalmology Department, Cairo University Hospital, with an amount of 18,000
Eighteen thousand Egyptian pounds, due to its importance in the treatment of retinal detachment, as part of a plan to relieve the suffering of the common people and contribute to the treatment of patients.
No photo description available.
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CD95 visit to IWC of Sphinx, news,2022

The visit of Chairman of D95 Egypt and Jordan, Mrs. Hala Hagrass, and her Board Committee, on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 at Hilton Zamalek at 5 pm with members of the Inner Wheel Club of Sphinx headed by Mrs. Amani Ezzat, and in the presence of the members of the Board Committee of D95, Egypt and Jordan:
Ms. Mona Aboul Fotouh, Honorary Secretary,
Ms. Omaima Ezzat, Treasurer
Ms. Reem Nazih, the international Service Organiser in the presence of a number of club members.
Mrs. Amani Ezzat presented the club’s sustainable and new activities and projects for this year, including:
1.Treatment of pediatric eye conditions at Abu Al-Rish Hospital
2. Treatment of two cases at Baheya Foundation, a participant in the initiative of the District Chairman Mrs Hagrass for Baheya Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment.
3 Contribute in the cost of water connections in the poorest villages.
4. Donating to the needs of a bride at the Muslim Women’s Association.
Ms. Hanan Azmy, treasurer of the club, also presented the amounts of donations for the projects of the year.
Mrs. Hala Hagrass praised the club’s effort and the spirit prevailing among the club’s members, and exchanged symbolic gifts with the club’s president.
It was an enjoyable meeting in an atmosphere of cordiality and friendship.
IWC Of Lotus Misr ProjectsProjects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Lotus Misr, Projects 2022

IWC of Lotus Misr
President : Mrs Nazik El Alfy
January 2022
In collaboration with  Ministry of Health, IWC of Lotus Misr had arranged and prepared a blood donation campaign along with a Mobile medical unit in Beaulaq Abou El Ella, in an attempt to help the neighborhood and surrounding areas.
IWC of Lotus Misr together with El Orman Organization, have signed a protocol to rehabilitate a house in Mazoura Village. Total cost 60.000. EGP
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IIWP message Education Day, news,2022

United Nations’ International Education Day is observed on the 24th of January every year. This year’s theme proclaimed by UNESCO is “Changing Course, Transforming Education”.
The celebrations of International Day of Education include the role of education for peace and development. Education is a human right and it is essential for the success of all Sustainable Goals.
Due to the spreading of Covid 19 Virus and its variants Governments were compelled to close down the educational institutions.
Through mobiles and computers online education kept the people busy thus avoiding depression. No risks to be contaminated by the virus.
Without inclusive quality education countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty.
Today 258 million children and youth do not atttend school, 617 million children and adolescent cannot read, less than 40% of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary school and some 4 million children and youth refugees are out of school.
The right to education is being violated.
Ebe Panitteri Martines
IIW President 2021-22
May be an image of one or more people and text that says "Creating & Aiding Opportunities in Education 24 Jan 2022 UN International Day of Education"
Inner Wheel Club of PetraIWC Of Amman Petra ProjectsProjects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Petra, Project, 2022

IWC of Petra
President: Lynn Farraj Muasher
January 22nd,2022
Members of Inner Wheel Club of Petra , headed by Lynn Farraj Muasher, distributed winter coats to protect 370 children from the cold of this severe winter that all the charitable organizations work to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate of the people of this country.
Each delegate of the following three associations received parcels of coats to distribute to those in need, and thanked members of the club for their generous donation:
1. The Islamic Charitable Center Society / Al-Nazif Orphans Center.
2. Martyr Azmi Al-Mufti’s Orphanage Center.
3. Sama Gaza Foundation for Community Development.
IWC Of Lotus Misr ProjectsProjects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Lotus Misr, Projects, 2022

IWC of Lutus Misr
President: Nazik el Alfi
January 2022
Inner Wheel Club of Lotus Misr , headed by Nazik El Alfi & HS Mrs Nabila Omran in collaboration with Dr. Farouk ElBaz Foundation had the pleasure opening 4 classes to eradicate illiteracy for workers at:
1. Gezira Sporting Club (Zamalek)
2. Geziera Sporting Club ( 6 October branch)
3. Helwan District
4. Heliopolis Sporting Club
In respect of the huge success of the outcome, the club members decided to go for three more classes in various locations as a step towards better education and life for all.
Inner Wheel Club of Garden CityIWC Of Garden City ProjectsProjects 2021 – 2022

IWC of Garden City, Projects, 2022

IWC of Garden City
President: Azza Selim
January 12th,2022
 Members of Inner Wheel Club of Garden City , headed by Ms. Azza Selim, donated 4,000 pounds (four thousand pounds) to the Mansourieh Renaissance Association for the one-class school, as well as a donation for the handicapped children with the state’s initiative to take care of this category.
Thank you to everyone who participated in donating to this project.