Activities 2017 - 2018

D95 Chairman 1st Visit to IWCs Ismailia and Port Said

D95 Chairman 1st Visit to IWCs Ismailia and Port Said
On October 14, 2017, District 95 Egypt and Jordan’s Chairman Mrs. Samia Hatata along with other Board members and IW club members from Egypt went on a field trip to Ismailia City in the north-eastern part of Egypt. 
Upon arrival, Mrs. Samia and all accompanying IW club members headed to the Ismailia Teaching Oncology Hospital, one of IW Ismailia Club’s projects. There, they were met and greeted by the director of the Hospital , Dr. Mohamed El Mekhaily who in his turn spoke highly of IW Ismailia Club’s role in supporting the cancer hospital and the community respectively.
Afterwards, Mrs. Hatata held a meeting with president Afaf Latif of IW Ismailia Club and Mrs Randa Ramadan of IW Port Said Club in which they discussed the clubs’ projects and services then exchanged gifts.
On the following day of the Ismailia trip, Mrs. Hatata and the accompanying delegates met with Admiral Mohab Mamish, Chairman of both the Suez Canal Authority and the Suez Canal Economic Zone. After the meeting, all accompanying IW club members enjoyed a boat cruise along the Suez Canal; a worldwide famous waterway that connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas, resulting in great financial returns to Egypt.
Evidently, the Ismailia trip was a very successful trip in all aspects. It shed the light on the projects and goals of both the IW Ismailia club and the IW Port Said Club, along with strengthening the friendship and relationships among Inner Wheel members.
Rula El Hawi
District Editor


Projects 2017 - 2018

The Cell Therapy Center (Jordan)

The cell therapy center is a non-for-profit academic and research institute that excels in stem cell research and therapeutic applications. Stem cell treatments give major hope for patients suffering from diseases that are non treatable using classical medical options, such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, though, several years of research and experiments still separate humanity from achieving those goals.

These trials are extremely expensive and need several equipment, instruments, materials and dedicated scientists. Academic institutions cannot afford to support research without the help of local and international communities. The medical grade refrigerators donated by Inner Wheel Club of  Philadelphia will be a great asset for the center and were indeed very much needed. They were put to immediate use at the cell culture facility of the center as they are required for holding materials under strict conditions. These refrigerators also have internal and external monitors that were connected to the center’s alarm system, which is of paramount importance to maintain the highest standards at the center as well as meet accreditation requirements.

The staff at the center are extremely pleased with the newest addition to their facility and look forward to welcoming members of the Inner Wheel again.