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Charter Date: 1971

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IWC of Amman


50 Members

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Tuesday @10:30 a.m (1st & 3rd )

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Jordan Intercontinental Hotel

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IWC of Amman Sustainable Projects

1. King Al-Hussein Cancer Center since 2012
– Exam room 01 – early detection of breast cancer
– Exam room 02 – eye sight checkup
 2. Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development since 2008
– Distributing Food boxes to needy families who live in villages in south of Jordan
– Community Development Center (which is part of JOHUD – Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development):
Donation of a 3D cinema and a kitchen
– Campaign of Al-Bir Wal Ehsan: Distributed credit cards to un-privileged families, widows, orphans and daily workers
 3. Gaza (Jerash) Refugee Camp – Jordan since 1998
– Furnishing and equipping kindergarten (KG1 and KG2) and
the nursery:
TV – washing machine – slides (2) – seesaw (2)
– Water cooler
– Establishing a complete library
– Ceiling fans for the secondary school
– Wheel chairs
– Hygiene kits
– Beauty salon
– Constructing a building for entertainment
– Preparing and equipping the teachers’ room
– Donating money to establish a mini market
– Repair and restoration of the roofs of various houses (52 housing units)
– Gaza Rooftop Gardens: House agriculture on houses roof tops
 4. Four Homes of Mercy – Jerusalem since 1990
Donating yearly to the society
 5. Orphan House of Jerusalem since 2003
Financing the education of an orphan on a yearly basis